Our Village Farmers’ Market

We are extremely excited about our brand-new Farmers’ Market at the Village in Newbuy Park.  Please join us for the fun, the food, and the community every Friday, year-round!

You can also check out what our regular times will bewhere it will be, or apply to be a vendor/farmer.


Our Mission

By selecting one of our markets, you contribute to a sense of community and help us create a town hall atmosphere.  Our mission is to invest in certified organic farmers, to support the local economy, and, most of all, to bring residents together to enjoy a weekly event.  Our hand-selected vendors comply with strict but necessary guidelines to guarantee the safety, cleanliness, and quality of our markets.  We pride ourselves in our variety of offerings, ranging from arts and crafts to the food court.  Our farmers sell a wide range of fruits and vegetables, fresh from the farm straight to you.